PartnerTap for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has built an extensive ecosystem of partners—helping to grow their businesses with your cloud marketplace. PartnerTap can help you transform your channel from reselling to co-selling.

Grow pipeline and accelerate channel deals

The shift to co-selling is nothing short of a herculean feat. You have to change systems, processes and train your sales teams and partners—while trying to achieve revenue goals. Additionally, co-selling is typically a complicated and time-consuming process. Partners have to meet regularly, share lists, analyze for common accounts and track activity—almost always on spreadsheets. Thankfully, there’s a…

Better way


PartnerTap drives co-sell field engagement—the key to winning consumption in the cloud war. PartnerTap can bring greater value to your sales organizations by providing a new way for them to connect with partners.

This is especially important to driving new business, knowing that:

30% of partner leads are more likely to close AND generate a:

  • higher average deal size
  • faster sales cycle
  • longer customer lifecycle

How It Works

PartnerTap easily connects with your partners, instantly shows territory alignment, and enables sharing leads on the go.


Let's get started!

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